Where the hell have I been?

A lot has happened since my previous post. The world got plunged into the coronavirus pandemic which is killing millions of people and still growing. Toronto shut down, essentially killing all the momentum we were starting to build. We had to cancel two gigs we agreed to perform at (2020/3/21 @ Sneaky Dee’s and then 2020/4/11 @ The Hideout.) as the pandemic began it’s first wave.

I wasn’t in the greatest of headspaces since right before that time I was let go from my day job at an Amazon warehouse. I remember feeling quite scared since I had no backup plan yet I was happy because Amazon is a soul destroying company. They let me go on the 2 nd anniversary of me working there which resulted in me getting stocks in their company. Basically I got stocks in their company right before the pandemic made them rise to an insane value. I consider myself lucky in hindsight since there have been quite a few Covid breakouts at the facility I was working at.

After Amazon I managed to get on unemployment for a few months while looking for a new job. I’m a member of a television guild called Nabet 700-M Unifor and I spent a few months working on the sets of TV shows like Frankie Drake Mysteries, Lady Dicks, and Workin’ Moms. The biggest problem with working in film/television is that there’s no job security. I was working on these shows on a day by day basis and hoped they wouldn’t run out of work for me to do.

When the work did eventually run out, I got a gig at a call centre. It just barely pays my rent but it allows me the ability to pursue my band/YouTube work. That’s the unfortunate trade off of our society; If you want a high paying job and you don’t have the right connections then most likely there’s no work-life balance. What I lack in funds, I make up for being able to pursue my dreams and ambitions.

On 2021/8/21 I had a concert at Living Colour (aka Tail of the Junction). As a member of WCS, we had an amazing show. People were really digging our sound and it was a good test to see how the Toronto music scene might look in a post Covid-19 world. There were a lot of people in that venue and many were not respecting social distancing. It’s a difficult dance that we have to walk because we want as many people as possible to come to our shows but at the same time it would be mortifying to host a super spreader event.

At this point people will need to wear facemasks not to be coated in our sweat.

After that gig we have one more show on 2021/10/08 at Sneaky Dee’s. Sneaky Dee’s is a legendary punk dive bar with a live venue upstairs. I’ve been wanting to play there for years back when I was a member of Searching For Kim and I’m glad we finally got the ability to play there.

I’ll keep you in the loop as we get closer to the date but in the meantime you’re currently in the loop.



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