Concerts, Kimikon, and Commercials (Oh my!)

Hey all,

Holy crap have I been busy the past little while. Allow me to fill you in on some of the craziness I’ve gotten myself into…

On Friday September 27th, 2019 I attended Kimikon as a panelist where I hosted my “So You Wanna Grow Your YouTube Channel?!” panel. It was a good way to close out my mini tour of conventions even if my room was a little vacant.

The day after, my band WCS (Worst Case Scenario) performed at The Cameron House.

LEVEL UP: You’re now part of the indie scene. (+2 to credibility -1000 to your finances)

Full disclosure: I had fun performing but I sounded awful. It was a small stage and as a result I couldn’t hear myself singing over walls of guitar, drums and bass. When a vocalist can’t hear their pitch or volume they essentially become tone deaf. Hoping to invest in some new in ear monitors to prevent that.

In October I attended a voice acting workshop that was hosted by Ron Rubin. I met Ron at Pretty Heroes and we just kinda hit it off. Despite the fact that I wasn’t bringing my A game that day I still had a blast and walked out of there with some new friends.

Little known fact: voice acting is always better when you go out for sushi afterwards.

During late October I got to act in a commercial for Mary Brown’s Chicken.


It's never too late ❤️ #Friendsgiving

Posted by Mary Brown's on Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Truth be told Swiss Chalet and KFC is so much better.

So how did I get this gig again? Simple I had a friend who was getting paid to direct it and he needed actors. I found out the job was unpaid and non union so you can imagine I wasn’t thrilled. Luckily I added the caveat that if he ever gets a paid position that he considers me for it down the line.

When November hit my band WCS hit the recording studio. We found this nice little studio that is in the home of our sound engineer, Scotty Komer.

AKA the studio with the world’s friendliest dog ever.

In less than a year we wrote 12 songs and recorded one of them. I’m not going to lie, I’m incredibly proud of the work we accomplished.

It was worth every dollar we spent.

As of right now I’m in the middle of a mad sprint to get a video done for Always Right Reviews. That’s right I’m still working on it!

Here’s hoping I get that underway before New Years.


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