August 6th @ The Piston

Hey everyone it’s been a while since I gave an update so I figured I should fill you in.

Pretty Heroes went great. I wound up becoming a celebrity liaison in between helping the convention put out little fires. It was cool being able to just relax and help out around the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. For me, that location is an area where I feel safe and at ease. Many of you might be unaware of the reporter package I did of it about a year ago:

I didn’t get paid for this video. I gladly did it because I wanted to.

That being said I was moderately upset about the scheduling of my panel. On the original draft I was booked for noonish on the Saturday. When I arrived and grabbed a schedule I was kinda upset to discover my time had changed to 6PM. Low and behold my panel was completely empty as patrons were primarily there earlier in the day.

Siri play Despacito…

Despite that fact, my time assisting the voice actors there gave me motivation to create a voice acting demo reel myself.

Not bad for an early start.
I lack commercial experience so I got very creative.

Next weekend I was attending ConBravo! in Hamilton. ConBravo! used to be a place that was very near and dear to me but as the years went on I started drifting apart from it. This past one I was assisting the masquerade and helping out behind the scenes.

Finally, on August 6th my band “Worst Case Scenario” will be performing our first concert. We will be playing at a bar called The Piston which is located on 937 Bloor Street West. We’ll be going on stage at 9:15PM and performing a 45 minute set. I’m hoping that this show will be a great launching point for us to build momentum. If we get the ball rolling and preserver, there might be more in store for us.

Either way, I’ll see you when you see me.


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