Next Up: Pretty Heroes

Hey Everybody!

I’ve been silent for a while; primarily because I’ve been working on some other creative endeavors that just didn’t allow me the ability to deviate.

My panel at Yeticon was way more relaxed which was actually kinda dope. I am usually used to the giant crowds of Anime North so having something more relaxed was awesome. There will be a video copy of my Yeticon panel but for the time being I am getting ready for Pretty Heroes. Pretty Heroes is a convention that originally focused on Sailor Moon but decided to become more broad to celebrate strong female portrayals in media. It runs from July 20-21, 2019 at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (6 Garamond Court, Toronto Ontario) and I will be there as a panelist (Saturday Noon-1PM in the Video Zone) and also helping the convention run.

Also, before I forget. There is a brand new YouTube video on my channel.

I would like to formally announce the pilot episode of a new series called One-Shots. This is a series where I don’t have to go as in-depth as an episode of Always Right Reviews and thus can be more relaxed. I figured it would be less of a mental strain on me because a lot of the content featured on One-Shots will contain media I primarily dislike. I feel if that bleeds into Always Right Reviews I might end up disliking what essentially I have been doing for years.

Forgive me Father, for I don’t give a shit.

So in short, I hope you like the video and I’ll see you at Pretty Heroes!

Fighting evil by moonlight,


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