Coming soon to an internet radio station near you…

Hey Everybody!

Just got back from Anime North today and had an absolute blast!

The “So you want to grow your YouTube channel?!” panel was practically sold out. It was to the point I noticed attendees having to stand against the back wall because there was no seating left for them. I will be editing the footage and hope to have it uploaded before I go to Yeticon.

This Thursday I will be heading down to Durham College (located in Oshawa, Ontario) where I’ll be making an appearance at Riot Radio. I will be joining Dan Martins on his show “The Danimal’s Cage!”.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be given free reign to talk about anything I want. I might as well tell you everything. The show will go live at 11am however if you miss it, it will be available for streaming after the fact.

Catch the chaos right here on Thursday:

See you at ground zero.

I’ll see you when you see me,


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